Enrollment Calendar Period

  • REGISTRATION BEGINS: December -January
  • EARLY REGISTRATION ENDS: Thursday before first class
  • LAST REFUND: February (3rd weekend)


  • EARLY REGISTRATION ENDS: Thursday before first class
  • LAST REFUND: July (3rd weekend)


  • Student is required to interview with director before enrollment/admission is allowed.
  • Student must complete both application forms before enrollment will be allowed.
  • Student must be prepared to provide an Official driver’s license or State ID.
  • Student must include their Legal name on each these enrollment forms.
  • Student must retrieve and submit official transcript during or prior to enrollment.
  • Final enrollment includes student meeting with CUHA Director; during the final enrollment meeting, student is required to make full payment and/or first down payment.

Education Required

  • Official High school transcript, General Equivalency Diploma (GED) or Associate Degree transcript
  • Must be submitted to CUHA prior to enrollment:

CUHA Admissions:

Attn: Donna Martin

P.O. Box 753056
Memphis, TN 38175

  • Successfully completed a Medical Terminology class within past five years,
  • Successfully completed an Anatomy & Physiology course within the past five years,
  • Successfully completed a Medical Coding (CPT and/or ICD-9-CM/ICD-10-CM) or Billing class,
  • At minimum six months experience in one or all of described items
  • Allied healthcare course work (e.g. Nursing, Dental, and Physical Therapy).
  • Certificate and/or transcript must be submitted prior to enrollment.
  • Resume Required
  • Student must present a valid identification during enrollment; e.g. Driver's license or State ID. The enrollment forms' personal identification must match stated information.

Experience: Resume Required

  • Resume must be submitted prior to enrollment
  • At minimum six months experience in one or all of described items
  • Medical coding (CPT and/or ICD-9-CM/ICD-10-CM, or HCPCS Level 2 (DME))
  • Billing and filing medical claims
  • Allied healthcare experience (e.g. Nursing, Dental, and Physical Therapy).

If student has no medical experience, the student is required to enroll in a Medical Terminology, Anatomy and a beginning Coding/Billing class before enrollment is allowed. Certification of completion must be submitted with the enrollment application.

Student who has five or more years of Medical coding/billing experience but has not completed the pre-requisite classes stated above are required to complete these classes and/or complete a "Waiver form" to accept the Professional Medical Coding Curriculum as described in current student workbooks.

All students must have Reading Comprehension, Problem Solving, and Analytic skills to be successful in the PMCC.
Students are allowed re-admission provided that the student is in good standing with CUHA. Refer to the general information in the catalog.

AAPC's Certified Professional Coder (CPC) or Apprentice (CPC-A) that are seeking Continue Education Units (CEU's) are allowed to enroll in any class provided they give a week advance notice to the CUHA. Coder must complete enrollment form only before enrollment will be allowed. Certification of completion will be provided to coder. Fees vary according to CEU's required.


(16 classes plus a final exam: Each class is $135 unless a member of AAPC)

$ 2295.00

Workbooks (subject to change)

$110.00 (without S/H)

National & Local student Membership (1-Year) (subject to change)


AAPC EMS Blackboard Access Technology (1-year access)


Payment Set-up


Fees not included

Medical Coding Books: $230.00 without S/H (AAPC membership)

Examination Student Fee: ($475) Purchase included two attempts