Codes Unlimited

Career Services

  • CUHA purpose is to assist student with seeking and maintaining gainful employment in the professional medical coding and billing industry.
  • CUHA objective is to culminate theory with real life experiences.
  • CUHA provides student with assistant to design resume, cover letters and employment applications.
  • CUHA provides student assistant with knowledge and interviewing skills related to area of expertise.
  • CUHA provides valuable advice on professional appearance.
  • CUHA provides leads on job placement after interacting with the prospective employer desires.
  • Graduation ceremony is scheduled upon completion from the PMCC. The student will be provided a certificate of completion and a transcript during the graduation ceremony. Student will not receive contact hours for any class not attended.
  • CUHA offers externship site as employers are able and willing to accommodate.
  • CUHA offers an Externship opportunity to students that have successfully completed the PMCC with an '85' average or above and are in GOOD standing. The student will be allowed a minimum of 40 hours to maximum of 80 plus hours. Refer to catalog for further details.

Job Listings

Salary Information